Why You Need to Crop Your Photos THEN Resize

The clearer and sharper your photos are, the better your chances of getting more votes in face painting contests, AND on them going through to the Face Painting Forum

Here is the problem. People often forget to crop their photos before they send them to us. Or, they resize them, THEN crop them. Not good.

EXAMLE: You get a shot like this one of a Mom and child to the left. It is a huge file, 1.55 MG, 2500x 3200. Knowing we only want smaller files, you RESIZE it to 169 K, which is the photo you are seeing to the right - a resized version of a large file. It is still a nice quality, you can see it well for websites, it does not take long to load when viewers come to a website. You then send that photo to us.

But, for the contest, we crop your photo right to the hairline. Now it looks like the photo on the photo below on the left , it is too small to be used without looking fuzzy on websites.

If you had cropped the large photo FIRST, then checked to see if you needed to resize it,
it would have looked like the photo below to the right.

face painting

Tips to Resize and Crop Photos